Set Completo de Barriles Brewferm - Party Star Deluxe

Set Completo de Barriles Brewferm - Party Deluxe

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Contiene 3 barriles reutilizables de 5 litros, 3 tapones de goma reutilizables, 10 capsulas de co2 y un grifo.

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If you’re tired of filling bottles or might be planning to have a party, you’d best choose a mini keg! Put your beer in a keg, add 3 g of sugar/litre and let the beer ferment in a warm place. Then place the keg in a cool environment. After just a few days, you can tap your beer for consumption. The CO2 pressure gives your beer a beautiful head. There is never any contact with the outside air so your beer is preserved for at least a couple of weeks. 


  • 3 handy 5 l mini kegs with special rubber plug.
  • Party Star Deluxe beer tap: a special CO2 tap head with adjustable beer flow and CO2 discharge.
  • 10 CO2 cartridges 16 g. 

This product is the successor to the Mini keg starter kit Brewferm® (Item No.:058.022.4 – out of assortment).

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